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Norway launches a new center for the ocean and environment.

A new center that aims to harness the advances of technology to preserve the ocean and improve the environmental footprint of ocean industries has been launched in Scotland. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Aker group declared the institution of the Centre for the Fourth technological revolution Norge (C4IR Norway) dedicated to harnessing digital innovation… Read More »

Wind power future of Norway

NTNU and SINTEF play a crucial role within the Norwegian public speaking. They’re tasked with contributory and sharing data so it often places to use and contribute to the larger smart of society. This can be why we’ve gathered our collective data from the breadth of our skilled environments, so we will place alternative energy… Read More »

Luxembourg spends most on healthcare in the EU – has 5th best healthcare system

According to the data from Eurostat (EU’s statistics bureau), Luxembourg spends the most on healthcare per capita out of all EU countries. In the most recent year for which Eurostat has complete data, Luxembourg spent around 6248 USD per inhabitant on healthcare. This makes them the country that spends the most per capita within the… Read More »