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Luxembourg spends most on healthcare in the EU – has 5th best healthcare system

According to the data from Eurostat (EU’s statistics bureau), Luxembourg spends the most on healthcare per capita out of all EU countries. In the most recent year for which Eurostat has complete data, Luxembourg spent around 6248 USD per inhabitant on healthcare. This makes them the country that spends the most per capita within the… Read More »

Healthcare’s increasingly high cost thanks to third-parties

When an 18-year old college student discovered that she had to purchase healthcare insurance worth $1,800 since the private health insurance she had her whole life because of her father’s employment would not be applicable outside the area and hence not where her preferred college was situated in Washington, D.C. According to reports, the chief… Read More »

Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship talks at Guatemala City

Innovation in healthcare is a major growth need in underserved societies around the globe. Access to healthcare needs some of the greatest innovators to believe critically about alternatives with problems such as restricted electricity, infrastructure development, and need to train qualified healthcare experts across Central America. Together with the IMPACTJUNKIE Healthcare Innovation group, Zuri Obado… Read More »

Cyber attackers targeting healthcare, according to FireEye

According to a new report published today by FireEye, a security firm, the healthcare sector around the world is subject to numerous threat actors and malicious activity as, in some cases, hackers aim to monetize personally identifiable information and protected health information. The security company has requested the healthcare industry to advance their cyber defense… Read More »

Does the Upcoming Dividend make HCSG a considerable option?

Perusers planning to purchase Healthcare Services Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCSG) for its profit should make their move in a matter of seconds, as the stock is going to exchange ex-profit. This implies speculators who buy shares on or after the 22nd of August won’t get the profit, which will be paid on the 27th of September.… Read More »

Increase expected in the healthcare advertisements

Over the coming year, the trend of healthcare advertisements is predicted to grow to 4%. According to Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecast that focused specifically on the healthcare department, it is predicted that this course will continue at a slow but steady growth of 3.6% overall for both 2019 and 2020 with a simultaneous attack of… Read More »

Israeli-American Activist wants the United States to have better Discussions on Healthcare

AdyBarkan cannot speak without any electronic assistance anymore. However, he is still being heard in the election campaign for president in the year 2020. AdyBarkan has popped up as one of the most apparent progressive activists in the country for healthcare since the year 2017, when the doctors diagnosed him with the ALS or also… Read More »

Several incidents related to privacy of healthcare occurred in July

Numerous privacy incidents at hospitals, IT suppliers and other healthcare organizations captured public attention last month. While some security incidents only affected a few thousand individuals, others were said to have affected more than 2.2 million. A database that held personal information for MedicareSupplement.com was left vulnerable to hackers, which may have compromised 239,000 patients.… Read More »