Cyber-attacks, newest threat to the maritime sector

The maritime sector has made its way into a new stage of its growth ever since information technology has been introduced. The amount of multiple improvements in the sector of industrial control systems has completely changed the process through which navigation systems, rigs, harbors, ships, and communication systems function. Ever since novel software systems made… Read More »

Cyber attackers targeting healthcare, according to FireEye

According to a new report published today by FireEye, a security firm, the healthcare sector around the world is subject to numerous threat actors and malicious activity as, in some cases, hackers aim to monetize personally identifiable information and protected health information. The security company has requested the healthcare industry to advance their cyber defense… Read More »

Government and Private sector need to join hands against cyberattacks

A joint public-private attempt has been called for protection against cyber attacks and preserve a secure and secure cyber space by the officials and professionals attending the Seventh Conference on Internet Security. National security-threatening groups no longer rely on military weapons. Instead, they tend to target public and important infrastructure for inexpensive but harmful cyber… Read More »

Changes in healthcare data with new innovation model

As digital health innovators and healthcare industry strive to improve access, convenience, and outcomes for healthcare clients alike, data is at the heart of how to reshape the competitive landscape for the future. As traditional healthcare firms face growing competition from non-traditional competitors, some have started to understand their competitive advantage in the form of… Read More »

The Lack of Fresh Technology affecting the Economic Growth

From an agricultural economy to fast industrialization, followed by its growth and digitalization, we are now moving into the 4th Industrial Revolution–as Professor Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s Executive Chairman said. Unlike other revolutions, this one is one of its kind in the sense that its adverse effect is not limited to a particular… Read More »

Does the Upcoming Dividend make HCSG a considerable option?

Perusers planning to purchase Healthcare Services Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:HCSG) for its profit should make their move in a matter of seconds, as the stock is going to exchange ex-profit. This implies speculators who buy shares on or after the 22nd of August won’t get the profit, which will be paid on the 27th of September.… Read More »

Gigantic firms are exploring the virtual care for curbing the healthcare costs

Huge organizations are expanding consolidating virtual innovation and care choices into worker advantage intends to battle the rising human services costs that long have been corporate America’s bogeyman, as indicated by the yearly overview of the National Business Group on Health. The No. 1 objective for managers in 2020 is to actualize increasingly virtual consideration… Read More »

Tech industry, despite being so common, offers numerous options

You are going to require tech aptitudes any place you go, particularly with most occupations requiring the learning of programming to finish errands easily and well. On the off chance that you are new to the data innovation industry, at that point, you will have a favorable position in the event that you can embrace… Read More »

Dengue prevention is ensure by the mobilization of the teams by NHS ministry

A gathering on Saturday was attended by every concerned division in such manner, organization authorities said. NHS agents at the gathering were approached to activate their groups and depute them on the capital’s outskirts, incorporating into Rawat. NHS groups are working in Tarnol and Bhara Kahu, they said. Since there were no dangers with respect… Read More »

UP is amongst the leading IT hubs in India

UP has made progress in the field of data innovation as of late. The state is attempting to utilize IT to the ideal to ease and reinforce native administrations. How would you see the present province of Uttar Pradesh’s innovative advancement? Uttar Pradesh can gladly profess to be among one of the top data innovation… Read More »