New Research on Global Robotic Parking System Market Is Predicted to Reach to US$ 135.87 Mn By 2022, Due to Increase in Automobile Users in Metropolitan Cities with major key players like Parkplus Inc., Serva Transport Systems, MHE Demag (S) Pte Ltd., Fata Automation, A.P.T. Parking Technologies, Lodige Industries, Smart City Robotics

System resilience and proactive monitoring are driving Global Robotic Parking System Market. The whole process of parking has now become automated where human activities are cut down, a car user has to park their car at a terminal of parking garage, then they shut off the engine and exit from the vehicle, later a robotic system automatically does the parking activities for the car users. All these process are proactively monitored by the software. These software’s control the lifts, sensors, motor, platforms and other mechanical gear that enables the car to reach at parking slot. Automation also helps to get back the car to its user in just two three minutes, which enables to reduce the retreiving time. These flexibilities provided by the system has increased the demand of robotic parking system market.

A computerized leaving the executive’s framework is a strategy for precisely leaving and recovering vehicles so as to suit the expansion sought after for protected and helpful leaving, as the quantity of vehicles increment step by step. In a computerized leaving the board framework, the driver leaves the vehicle at the section entryway of the leaving zone, and from that point, the vehicle is naturally traveled through the parking garage and left in an accessible parking spot. The procedure of vehicle leaving is helped out through apply autonomy arms, sensors, transport lines, mechanical lifts, and PC control units. An electronic information exchange transport is utilized to transport from entry level to parking spot and the other way around, with no human obstruction for stopping help.

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Some of the key participants in global robotic parking system market are Parkplus Inc., Serva Transport Systems, MHE Demag (S) Pte Ltd., Fata Automation, A.P.T. Parking Technologies, Lodige Industries, Smart City Robotics, Worldwide Robotic Automated Parking, LLC, Hangzhou Hikrobot technology co., ltd., Stanley Robotics SAS, Westfalia Parking Solutions, Unitronics PLC, Shaanxi Long Xiang Parking Equipment Group, City Lift Parking.

Robotized leaving the board frameworks lessen the width and profundity required for a parking spot and separations between vehicle parking spots, since no stipend should be made for driving the vehicle into the parking spot or for the opening of vehicle entryways. Besides, no driving paths or slopes are required to drive the vehicle toward the leaving place. The roof tallness required is negligible, since there is no passerby traffic in the stopping territory. Besides, no walkways, stairways, or lifts are required to oblige people on foot in the stopping zone. These focal points are key drivers of the mechanized stopping the board framework showcase. There is a general worldwide pattern of urbanization and centralization of money related locale, which pull in various individuals to downtown territories. This ceaselessly expanding inundation of individuals offers ascend to a consistently rising requirement for parking spots.

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    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Others 
  • Robotic Parking System Market By Types
    • Standalone AGVs
    • AGVs with Peripheral
  • Global Robotic Parking System Market – By Region
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