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U.S. judge orders big drug companies to face opioid trial

Defendants to face claims they conspired to cause the opioid crisis Purdue Pharma, J&J, CVS, Walgreen, Walmart among defendants Trial scheduled for Oct. 21 even as judge urges settlement (Adds Johnson & Johnson, Mallinckrodt as defendants, PIX available). A U.S. judge on Tuesday rejected efforts by major drugmakers, pharmacies, and distributors to dismiss claims that… Read More »

More targeted, less toxic: The golden future of cancer treatment.

Research of RMIT University shows that new synthetic molecules are up to 24 times more effective at killing cancer cells than a widely-used cancer drug and they’re built with resistance-fighting features to keep them effective over time, unlike current chemotherapies. Pre-clinical studies show the molecules are promising candidates for development into a new class of… Read More »

Russia Moves to Legalize Epilepsy Drug After Mothers Accused of Drug Smuggling

Russia is planning to legalize a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy which almost landed two mothers in jail this summer after they had ordered the unregulated pharmaceutical online for their epileptic children. Drug smuggling accusations against two mothers have sparked calls to re-register the epilepsy drug that Russia’s health minister said had no demand… Read More »

Luxembourg spends most on healthcare in the EU – has 5th best healthcare system

According to the data from Eurostat (EU’s statistics bureau), Luxembourg spends the most on healthcare per capita out of all EU countries. In the most recent year for which Eurostat has complete data, Luxembourg spent around 6248 USD per inhabitant on healthcare. This makes them the country that spends the most per capita within the… Read More »

The alliance of HCNCA/NCASS and HealthCare Workforce Logistics

The nation’s innovator, as well as leader in vendor-neutral workforce alternatives, has been committed to managing the National Capital Area Healthcare Council (HCNCA) and National Capital Area Shared Services (NCASS) Locums Managed Services Program or MSP. The new arrangement enables HCNCA members to gain benefit from HWL’s comprehensive network of locums’ agencies at their discretion… Read More »

How physicians can prove to be better leaders than the non-medical background candidates.

The health care industry is looking for managers who can deal with major advancements in 3 important areas: quality, resource usage, and clinical outcomes. Nowadays most hospitals understand the need of having physicians in the C-suite, and how their initial connection to patient care can have an impact on the growth of the organization as… Read More »

Public Healthcare Dentists demand increase in their wage

Due to the current amount of state funding, Dentists providing free health care services through public hospitals have gone on a striking form today until 13th September. The dentists say that they are not able to continue their practices effectually and predictably. As the dentists hold an entrepreneur status legally, so they have all gone… Read More »

Healthcare’s increasingly high cost thanks to third-parties

When an 18-year old college student discovered that she had to purchase healthcare insurance worth $1,800 since the private health insurance she had her whole life because of her father’s employment would not be applicable outside the area and hence not where her preferred college was situated in Washington, D.C. According to reports, the chief… Read More »