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SBRI Awards Funds for Innovation in Healthcare

SBRI Healthcare has awarded over £ 5.56 million in financing. These initiatives, originally recognized in 2018 by a Phase One funding SBRI competition, including proof-of-concept testing, will now benefit from second funding round to show both technical and commercial viability. Dr Keri Torney, Deputy Director of Life Sciences, Strategy and Innovation at NHS England and… Read More »

Improvement in adult vaccinations’ awareness with technology

Adult vaccination rates, however, are also falling. Throughout the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member nations, the rate of influenza vaccination among those over 65 reduced from 49% to 43% between 2005 and 2015–a large decrease, considerably below the 75% goal of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is estimated that in the… Read More »

South African Health Minister Presented a Bill on universal health care

On Thursday, the Health Minister of South Africa, Zweli Mkhize tabled the bill of National Health Insurance (NHI) to the Parliament, getting one step closer to fulfilling the constitutional obligation of delivering quality universal health care to all. Under the bill, the government will provide a package of comprehensive health services for free at private… Read More »

Reorganization and Consolidation of the NMSU IT

NMSU has just recently completed their evaluation of the effectiveness of their systems of information technology. As an outcome of the evaluation, they were glad to announce a reorganization which emphasized the crucial role that information systems should play for supporting the future of the NMSU. They were anticipating that this structure would set the… Read More »

Military families of the United States face challenges in getting health care for Children

A study shows that the American families having military health insurances might experience difficulties more likely for accessing health care than the civilian families having other kinds of medical benefits. Researchers have examined some survey data that was collected from 84,783 families having children under the age of 18 between the years 2007 to 2015.… Read More »

Increase expected in the healthcare advertisements

Over the coming year, the trend of healthcare advertisements is predicted to grow to 4%. According to Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecast that focused specifically on the healthcare department, it is predicted that this course will continue at a slow but steady growth of 3.6% overall for both 2019 and 2020 with a simultaneous attack of… Read More »