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MoIT Has Created Nine Thousand Jobs in the Last Year through Five NICs

Federal Minister, Mr. Khalid Maqbool Siddique, for Information Technology said that the Ministry of Information Technology had created around nine thousand jobs and had also generated revenue which amounted to almost 500 million rupees through five start ups in the National Incubation Centers (NIC) in the last year. According to the data which was provided… Read More »

Cyber-attacks, newest threat to the maritime sector

The maritime sector has made its way into a new stage of its growth ever since information technology has been introduced. The amount of multiple improvements in the sector of industrial control systems has completely changed the process through which navigation systems, rigs, harbors, ships, and communication systems function. Ever since novel software systems made… Read More »

Government and Private sector need to join hands against cyberattacks

A joint public-private attempt has been called for protection against cyber attacks and preserve a secure and secure cyber space by the officials and professionals attending the Seventh Conference on Internet Security. National security-threatening groups no longer rely on military weapons. Instead, they tend to target public and important infrastructure for inexpensive but harmful cyber… Read More »

UP is amongst the leading IT hubs in India

UP has made progress in the field of data innovation as of late. The state is attempting to utilize IT to the ideal to ease and reinforce native administrations. How would you see the present province of Uttar Pradesh’s innovative advancement? Uttar Pradesh can gladly profess to be among one of the top data innovation… Read More »