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Sanctions from the US on N. Korea for crypto hacks

Further sanctions were announced by the United States Treasury Department against three North Korean government-sponsored hacker organizations accountable for “the malicious cyber activity on critical infrastructure in North Korea.” The Trump administration stated penalties against three North Korean hacking organizations, named “Lazarus Group,” “Bluenoroff” and “Andarie,” which they claim are regulated by the government of… Read More »

The US forces embargo on three North Korean hacking groups accused of international attacks.

On Friday The United States bank embargos on three North Korean hacking groups it claimed were part of the “WannaCry” bribery attacks and hacking of global banks and customer accounts. It labeled the groups as Lazarus Group, Bluenoroff, and Andariel and said they were monitored by North Korea’s primary intelligence bureau, RGB which is already… Read More »

Why should you care about AI used for hiring?

Researchers have explored the hoopla and air close AI in hiring. They supply an outline of AI within the geographic point, provide sensible to-dos for organizations considering AI tools for his or her hiring method, and explains however psychologists will facilitate on the means. Artificial intelligence has become way more distinguished in business processes recently… Read More »

Nokia and Saudi MCIT’s deal to initiate global software development unit

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nokia, a major worldwide telecommunication, networking solutions, and digital infrastructure supplier. The key objective of the memorandum is to launch a worldwide software development and support center in the United Kingdom. As per the memorandum, NOKIA will collaborate with MCIT… Read More »

How Technology can be used to improve the passenger experience at the airports 

In the current world, technology has become a vital part of our daily operations. Airports are adopting technology into their daily operations to make the passengers experience much better and creating cost efficiencies. However, for it to be successful the airports must be flexible in their planning of a terminal and be more open to… Read More »

MoIT Has Created Nine Thousand Jobs in the Last Year through Five NICs

Federal Minister, Mr. Khalid Maqbool Siddique, for Information Technology said that the Ministry of Information Technology had created around nine thousand jobs and had also generated revenue which amounted to almost 500 million rupees through five start ups in the National Incubation Centers (NIC) in the last year. According to the data which was provided… Read More »