You can too star in movies, just like Leonardo DiCaprio

By | September 6, 2019

China, being a technology giant, has developed a new app called Zao. It’s a kind of a face-tune app that takes your face and puts it on the face of any celebrity of your choice. The app was launched very recently and went viral. It’s exclusive to China only. It made it to the iOS store charts, topping the free downloads chart in China.

This app allows its users to put their faces on celebrities in scenes from famous movies and television. This includes scenes done by famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kit Harington

However, certain controversies rose while this app was making history. The app’s user agreement allows it to have the right to use photos that its users edit in any way they like. As a reaction, the company changed the app’s terms and services.

While this app is a source of entertainment for some, it may be harmful to others. Some people may use the app in all the wrong ways. It was reported that the app was used to create inappropriate videos that had people’s photos used without their consent and made into inappropriate (mostly sexual) content.

People were concerned that such apps may violate one’s privacy and their photos could be used against them. Perceptions about certain people can be manipulated with ease because of these apps. Nancy Pelosi, a House speaker, has been a victim of this crime. A video about her went viral which made it look like she was drunk and swearing.

These concerns were brought to Momo, manufacturers of the app, through the app store where its users made them aware of their privacy policy. Momo acknowledged the concerns and made amendments to their policies.

People also took their concerns to Twitter and told the creators of the app to “stop being evil”.