To force North Korea, Japan must apply a leverage

By | October 7, 2019

It would be shocking at a period when the international community is trying hard to denuclearize North Korea than Japan, which is the main goal of North Korea’s nuclear missiles, is making Pyongyang a big slack.

Too little action has been taken so far, so late. In 2016, for instance, Japan banned reintegration into North Korea of five Japanese nuclear and missile technology experts. Nevertheless, to learn their hazardous skills, they need not travel to that state. However, most of them have worked for North Korea for decades and the expertise they have received cannot be taken back.

Kim Jong Il’s policies reign over even the Constitution in North Korea.

Although Chongryon is not sending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to North Korea these days as it was said to do in the 1990s, remittances will still be large enough to make Kim Jong Un think that it will have to negotiate if Japan takes action.

Revoke Tokyo’s authorization by the Metropolitan Government in compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions banning North Korean citizens from teaching hazardous software. UNSCR 2270(2016) in Article 17 provides a list of advanced physics, advanced computer simulation, informatics, space exploration, nuclear engineering, aerospace engineering, and related fields.

Chongryon acknowledged the credit unions ‘ debt of 63 billion yen but declined to repay it. Compounding now owes the Japanese government more than 90 billion dollars.

In a response to a written query by former national civil-security legislator and public security officer Jin Matsubara of 5 March 2019, the Government claimed that Chongryon could be submitted to bankruptcy and would be able to face up to three prison sentences, if any of the officials of Chongryon fail to reply to questions, or lie to a bankruptcy administrator appointed by the Court.

The answer was given by then-DP deputy minister Takashi Nagao, who worked hard to rescue Japanese people kidnapped by spy agencies from North Korea. In 2018 Nagao had written an op-ed for the Japanese magazine calling for Chongryon’s bankruptcy before he was promoted as Parliamentary Vice-Minister.

But the government believes that bankruptcy is too serious toward North Korean de facto embassies. Kim Jong Un’s reluctance helps prevent humiliation.