Surkus will launch as UAE’s new disruptive marketing platform.

By | October 4, 2019

Surkus has produced its debut in the Middle East and is now living in the United Arab Emirates, providing its members exclusive access to paid activities and offers in return for involvement.

Surkus seeks to decrease waste ad expenditure, which may paralyze SMEs and companies, with its innovative worldwide advertising vision. UAE members have already been able to access the Surkus app with many benefits.

The UAE has quickly become recognized as the growth launchpad, in line with its Vision 2020 initiative, by promoting technological breakthroughs that interrupt industry and sectors, which make Surkus an ideal home.

Talking about the launch in the region, Surkus CEO Stephen George said that Hub71 has given a wide range of possibilities for young startups such as Surkus in the MENA market. Their assistance has enabled us to launch our international development in the area at this early point.

SMEs, a conception linked with gigantic brands and worldwide players, often feel like they are foreign to experimental marketing. Surkus provides SMEs and companies with its affordable platform the instruments they need to enhance their marketing strategy and achieve the best possible output.

Traditional marketing techniques rely strongly on discounts that can harm brands. As an efficient alternative, Surkus asks its partner brands to reward their employees based on their commitment duties.

Surkus, a young, worldwide corporation, is building a regional center around the globe with its infrastructure. With a team of driven, skilled people specialized in technology, financial, marketing and executive branding, the Surkus MENA team will join the rankings from its Abu Dhabi headquarters to support development across the region.

At the launch of the Surkus MENA GM, Mazen Mourad said it is really interesting to be able to start something distinctive and disruptive because he has been around the region for the last 10 years. For many years, the UAE has served as a magnet for businessmen who want to set up or expand their companies on a market where a big number of young technology experts have truly adopted social media.

Surkus started in Los Angeles for the first time in 2015 and opened in Hong Kong its second regional office in early 2018. The platform is now available on various markets worldwide and is next listed on places like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Singapore.