Suja Chandraekaran Former Kimberly-Clark Tech Exec Named Chief Information And Digital Officer Of CommonSpirit Health

By | August 29, 2019

Suja Chandrasekaran, Walmart technology executive, Former Kimberly-Clark and Timberland had been named Chief Information and Digital Officer (CIDO) of CommonSpirit Health which is a $29 billion non-profit Catholic health system and is currently operating in 21 states. For this role, Chandrasekaran would lead integration and modernization of technology systems to connect a total of 142 hospitals. Moreover he would connect more than 700 care sites of the CommonSpirit Health which were formed from February merger of the Catholic Health Initiatives and the Dignity Health.

It is significant for CommonSpirit Health to create compatibility between technological capabilities of formerly independent health systems. Chandrasekaran would be tasked with redesigning entire business processes with forward-looking technology that would connect the 150000 employees and 25000 physicians across different communities of CommonSpirit Health in addition to designing digital capabilities.

The first priorities of  Chandrasekaran as CIDO would be to:

  • To set an operational technology strategy for the CommonSpirit Health;
  • To deploy the systems to ensure that the hospitals and the care facilities are supported by the high-performing technology infrastructure;
  • To digitize the core processes and to improve the use of the analytics and the artificial intelligence across the whole organization;
  • To design digital experiences that would empower the patients and the consumers to seamlessly navigate their own care; and finally
  • To inspire and to lead IT professionals of the CommonSpirit Health.

Chandrasekaran would report to CommonSpirit Health CEO, Kevin Lofton, who noted that Suja’s experience driving technology and the digital transformations across utmost consumer-driven corporations would set trend for how they would  integrate today’s emerging technologies into  health system. They would need very best leaders at their table, w. Suja had a distinct vision to accelerate development of innovative operating capabilities. Moreover, new digital pathways to support their people as they had delivered highest quality of care to their patients.

By linking digital strategies and CommonSpirit Health’s clinical and modernizing work processes they could free up time for their physicians and staff to concentrate on their number one priority – their patients. They were all consumers who had expected technology to provide easy to them, engaging experiences in their everyday lives. They look forward to working with talented individuals across CommonSpirit Health as they would  integrate the technologies that would lay the foundation to create healthier communities across the whole country.