Sorbonne Abu Dhabi: UAE’s first tech firm to Transition to Blackboard Learn Software as a Service

By | September 19, 2019

One of the world’s leading education tech firm for learning, teaching, as well as, student engagement, Blackboard Inc., made an announcement today that Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, which has been established in association with Sorbonne University in Paris and specializing in law, arts, business, humanities, as well as, science degrees, has become the United Arab Emirates’ first university which transitioned its virtual learning environment to the Software as a Service delivery model of Blackboard Learn.

This transition will enable more than eight hundred students and a hundred educators to experience learning anywhere and anytime with nil downtime updates. The institution will be leveraging Blackboard Learn Software as a Service to improve its digital infrastructure.

Chief of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Department, Hamdan Alkalbani stated that the transitioning to a cloud-based delivery model will be a first vital step for us. It sets our strategic plan in motion in order to become the first fully digital campus in the United Arab Emirates, and zero downtime is crucial for accomplishing our goal. Now, our students can take advantage of the enhanced stability and interactive learning experience, as well as, increased mobility.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi will be further leveraging the Software as a Service deployment for the introduction of blended learning, increasing the number of its online available courses, and evaluate its students in a better way, educators, as well as, programs. Learn Software as a Service will also act as a contributory tool for the university’s plans of setting up a mobile app for its users with a single sign-on and a 360-degree view. This will be amongst the several steps in the transition of the university to a cloud-based infrastructure over the next two decades.