Reorganization and Consolidation of the NMSU IT

By | August 9, 2019

NMSU has just recently completed their evaluation of the effectiveness of their systems of information technology. As an outcome of the evaluation, they were glad to announce a reorganization which emphasized the crucial role that information systems should play for supporting the future of the NMSU. They were anticipating that this structure would set the stage for a number of improvements, particularly regarding the data security as well as privacy, the decision-making support, and also the customer service. Now, the re-envisioned Information and Communication Technology (ICT) organization includes:

A Security Office which was completely focused on the information security which would be directed by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), John Roberts.

Analytics and Decision Support which consolidated the external as well as internal reporting. Being run by the Lori Montoya, Analytics and Decision Support combined the expertise from Data Architecture and also Institutional Analysis. The new department would make use of the software of reporting and analytic for supporting the decision-making activities of NMSU and would also be responsible for the internal, external, and the strategic-plan that was related to reporting.

The infrastructure components of Information technology consolidated into the infrastructure of Computing and Communication. Headed by Piyasat Nilkaew, this department consisted of the previous ICT groups of the System Administration, Network Operations, Network Planning and Engineering, and the Database Administration.

Diana Toups Dugas shall be leading the new department that would provide support for the instructional as well as research activities. The department combined the previous organizations of Classroom Technology, College Information Technology, Student Labs, and Cyber Infrastructure Architect (Research Support and Consulting).