Public Healthcare Dentists demand increase in their wage

Public Healthcare Dentists
By | September 4, 2019

Due to the current amount of state funding, Dentists providing free health care services through public hospitals have gone on a striking form today until 13th September. The dentists say that they are not able to continue their practices effectually and predictably.

As the dentists hold an entrepreneur status legally, so they have all gone on a holiday which is why they will only be providing on-call duties and emergency treatments.

Carrying out dental practices generally costs much more than the normal operating costs of general medical practice. Despite this, dentists receive way less money accounting for only 900,000 HUF (Eur 2,863) a month. The amount paid is not enough to cover their expenses which include equipment, maintenance, staff salaries and the cost of treatments.

Three days before the start of the strike, the State secretary for health, Ildikó Horváth that the people providing services from the public sector will receive one-off support of 1,5 million HUF (Eur 4,771). In addition to this, Ildikó Horváth also announced that from next year the monthly allowance will be raised by 250 thousand HUF (Eur 795), while from 2021, by an additional 140 thousand HUF (Eur 445).

Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) was compliant with the terms however most of the dentists who were participating in the strike were unsatisfied with these terms and wanted 1,6-1,7 million HUF (Eur 5,100-5400) a month, accordingly to MOK’s estimations back in 2016. As a result, according to Népszava, ‘collective holidays’ have been kick-started this morning.

The situation is continuing to aggravate and be a source of nuisance for the people. The health care system is a very important part of life and halting its services is creating multiple problems for the public. The government is concerned about the ongoing situation.