Nokia and Saudi MCIT’s deal to initiate global software development unit

By | September 5, 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nokia, a major worldwide telecommunication, networking solutions, and digital infrastructure supplier. The key objective of the memorandum is to launch a worldwide software development and support center in the United Kingdom.

As per the memorandum, NOKIA will collaborate with MCIT and CITC (Communications and Information Technology) on 5 G and IoT initiatives and their use cases following the standards of Nokia to support the Kingdom as a leader in 5 G and IoT technology in the MENA region. Moreover, Nokia’s specialists will provide guidance as well as engage appropriate MCIT and CITC stakeholders on present and future trends in technology and their financial effect, including, but not restricted to, spectrum allocation, business case, tech updates, business case, monetization surveys and workshops.

One of the main programs of the memorandum is WIELD (Women in Energy and Leadership Development), aimed at investing in future women leaders in the energy sector and focusing on digitalization and ICT advances, with the objective of driving the sections of the energy industry, including a 10 + week program at 4 places in Saudi Arab, United States, United Kingdom and Finland.

The memorandum will add to local technology content by educating and training young Saudis, developing digital abilities, locating the software industry as well as promoting research and innovation initiatives, the establishment of two software R&D units supporting high-quality goods endorsing performance goods produced in the Kingdom by Nokia, in addition to building an intelligent technology sector climate that is appealing to local and foreign investment, so to improve the empowerment and localization of the technology industry as well as the knowledge’s transfer. It will also contribute to the development of jobs in line with Vision 2030 to diversify national income sources.