Luxembourg spends most on healthcare in the EU – has 5th best healthcare system

By | September 9, 2019

According to the data from Eurostat (EU’s statistics bureau), Luxembourg spends the most on healthcare per capita out of all EU countries.

In the most recent year for which Eurostat has complete data, Luxembourg spent around 6248 USD per inhabitant on healthcare. This makes them the country that spends the most per capita within the Union, followed by Sweden and Denmark who are not far behind. EU’s average was about 2905 EUR.

The Health Consumer Powerhouse publishes a regular Euro Health Consumer Index, which ranks countries’ healthcare systems based on a series of factors such as patient rights and information, accessibility – including waiting for time, outcomes, range of services, prevention, and pharmaceuticals.

The 2018 edition places Luxembourg in 7th position in Europe as a whole. In all of Europe, Switzerland comes out in a first place with a score of 893/1000, followed by Netherlands (883), Norway (857), Denmark (855), Belgium (849), Finland (839) and Luxembourg (809).

Cigarette consumption is the main thing holding down Luxembourg. However, Luxembourg has protested that “most of these cigarettes are smoked by other nationalities,” but counters that from a European public health standpoint, “selling cheap cigarettes and alcohol to your neighbors is no better than consuming it all yourself.”

Reports also state that Luxembourg has for a long time allowed its citizens to seek care in neighboring countries. It seems like they do seek care in hospitals. This probably means that Luxembourg patients probably receive better treatment than the ranking shows.