Latest fertilizer processing technology encourages a new breakthrough

By | August 5, 2019

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp, an agrarian organization that creates, makes and markets bio-composts for use in the China horticulture and aquaculture markets, as of late finished research of another manure preparing innovation with the Institute of Bio-Agriculture of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences, the Research Center of Ultrasound Technology of Harbin University of Technology and the Environmental Group of Harbin University of Technology.

The aftereffects of the exploration demonstrated the solvency of strong manures (counting granules and powders) created by customary composts in water has been expanded by about 30%.

The achievement of this exploration will empower the trickle water system gear to be utilized during the time spent treatment in parched and semi-dry horticultural planting territories. Due to the harsh customary generation innovation, the compost can’t be totally broken down in the trickle water system hardware, and the misuse of manure can be altogether disintegrated. This new procedure empowers the granules of Kiwa’s compost to arrive at nm fineness in trickle framework hardware and break down 100% in water, which will help the comopany’s manure items to be all the more broadly utilized in horticultural market.

Also, the organization has consented to a key arrangement with Beijing Digital Cooperative Information Technology Ltd (DCIT). DCIT has built up a helpful administration framework with huge information as the center.

About 13 000 ranchers’ cooperatives in Shaanxi Province of China are efficiently overseen. The organic product planting zone included is around 6 589 477 sections of land. Under the direction of methodical administration in the following three years, it will step by step become Kiwa’s compost advertise.

Kiwa’s CEO stated: “This innovation leap forward will help gain a gigantic piece of the overall industry for the organization sooner rather than later and the agreeable with DCIT will likewise accelerate the organization’s objective to accomplish institutionalization of farming modern chain”.