Investors from the United Arab Emirates want to be involved in the construction of a factory for producing animal feed.

animal feed
By | September 17, 2019

Arranged by the delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the United Arab Emirates, driven by Ambassador Sefik Mujkanovic, the representatives of United Arab Emirates and Oman businessmen directed by Sheik Mussallim Bin Salem Bin Hamam, proprietor of Bin Ham Group, toured the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) to become acquainted with the terms and financing opportunities in our country.

Established 43 years ago, Bin Ham Group functions in the oil, energy, electronics and mechanics, construction, in addition to agriculture and tourism departments and provides employment opportunities to a lot of workers. As it aims to extend its business both locally and overseas, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been chosen as one of the favorable havens for investment, especially for providing animal food, manufacturing, and touristy.

Considering this is the first time delegation is visiting the country, Director Gordan Milinic greeted businessmen a welcome in Bosnia and Herzegovina, showed gratefulness towards him for his visit, clearing that investments from the United Arab Emirates will be accepted in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To understand the business opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina better, a demonstration was done on financing opportunities with the main goal being the business environment, the advantages of investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, appealing areas like touristy, energy, metal processing, agriculture and food production, textiles and Information and Communication Technology.

Talking about offshore investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was figured out that the United Arab Emirates is rated 15th on the list of offshore investors as it had invested about 102 million euros. The process and circumstances for initiating a business and inaugurating a company are enlightened to the investors, the rules of business, the status of offshores investors, etcetera.