How North Korea is successful for an impending smartphone company

By | September 30, 2019

North Korea escapes the United Nations. According to the defectors, specialists, and analysis of North Korean-made phones, penalties for money on rising national smartphone demand, using low-cost hardware imports to create important revenue for the regime.

According to economists, up to six million North Koreans-a quarter of the population now have mobile phones which are a critical instrument for engaging in an informal market economy which has become an important source of revenue for many.

Reuters discussed the use of mobile phones in North Korea, reviewed government press reports and mobile advertising, and looked at two North Korean smartphones, about 10 defectors and professionals.

Phones feature Taiwanese semiconductors, China-produced batteries and the Google version of the open-source Android operating system.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supported wireless networking, some supported by Huawei Technologies in China, and the local mobile phone brands through public talks and a tour of the state-run mobile phone plant.

Basic telephones in North Korea typically cost between $100 and $400 at state and private shops. The telecoms ministry registers subscriptions to mobile operators.

Telephones from North Korea are only suitable for calling national numbers and have distinctive safety characteristics.

Apps like maps, games and an English dictionary are displayed in state-owned companies or government colleges by North Korean technicians.

Telephones are still a major asset of the grey market economy of North Korea which has flourished in the 1990s following a disastrous famine.

More than 90 percent said cell phones have enhanced their life and approximately half of them used them for business operations in a study this year from 126 North Korean defectors who had used mobile phones.

Kim Bong-Sik, a South Korea Information Society Development Institute investigator, said that the estimate of revenue is hard, but it is probable that, considering the scale of the company, it will be one of the largest state profits.