How does Healthcare work in France?

By | September 9, 2019

The French healthcare system is often considered the best in the world.

Some facts to look on:

  • It has a well-serviced system with more than one doctor for every 1000 citizens.
  • The life expectancy in France is 83 years.
  • France’s healthcare costs are financed partially by state and partially by individuals or private insurancers.
  • Taxes by employers and employees contribute to the healthcare system.

France spends more than 11% of its GDP on mandatory healthcare that is why people of France pay high taxes. French people enjoy a high quality of health policy. Patients spend comparatively very little on healthcare as most of it is subsidized by the state.

Pros and Cons of Healthcare System:

  1. Pros:

The system is speedy, as there is no long waiting line at the doctor’s office, and getting an appointment is easy.

The French healthcare system offers very high-quality and affordable care.

The healthcare system is accessible to all legal residents even those who are


French healthcare is accessible for expats after three months or if they are working and paying social security.

France offers preventative care for all, including free medical check-ups every two


Specialists are accessible without a doctor referral.

  1. Cons:

The French people and those working in France have to pay a considerable amount in taxes to maintain and support their universal healthcare system.

For the three months, an expat will have to take private insurance and then he will be introduced to the public healthcare schemes.