Healthcare’s increasingly high cost thanks to third-parties

By | September 3, 2019

When an 18-year old college student discovered that she had to purchase healthcare insurance worth $1,800 since the private health insurance she had her whole life because of her father’s employment would not be applicable outside the area and hence not where her preferred college was situated in Washington, D.C. According to reports, the chief executive officer of this non-profit earns about $2 million every year.

When a 20-year old had her broken elbow misdiagnosed near her house and had to move to Wayne County to partake in an internship, she had to continuously tolerate intense pain and swelling on the elbow since her medical insurance, Colorado Medicaid, was not applicable in the area.

CVS/Aetna, which is among the greatest health insurance companies of the country, recently publicized a quarterly profit of $19.8 billion. It has also come to notice how the company’s chief executive officer has an income spread at 8 figures.

Private health insurers fail, time and time again, to meet the requrements of the majority of the population. These firms greatly limit the healthcare you require and has also made up this fence of facilities which are out of plan just so they are able to continue facilitating their CEOs and partners.

Another health insurance firm which is among the greatest ones, Kaiser Permanente, just reported how their chief executive officer was paid $20 million because he held off agreeing to healthcare plan which was supported by 160 of the biggest American Corporations.

Nonprofit regional plans, for instance MVP and Excellus, limit the healthcare facilities for their particular region and also lessen the provided services in an attempt to unreported revenues.

On the contrary, Medicare has you insured everywhere in the country, limits nearly no medical facilities nor healthcare providers, is relatively inexpensive, and cannot be deemed invalid at will.

We must take a stand so third-parties cannot acquire any more of the expenses reserved for our healthcare requirements. It is time we got our promised healthcare from the government.