Healthcare Industry to Reach New Fortunes with Advanced Technologies

By | August 14, 2019

Advanced technologies that include 3D printing, 5 G and artificial intelligence, will become a sure trend in China’s health sector whose market value will reach 20 trillion Yuan by 2030, an industry specialist said.

Luo Jun, Secretary-General of the International Health Industry Forum, a think tank based in Beijing with specialists from 11 nations concentrating on the promotion of the healthcare industry, said on Wednesday that China’s healthcare chain is still lagging behind those in developed countries. The potential is enormous, therefore.

He commented that the healthcare industry chain in European nations and the United States is complete in all aspects of industries, but it’s still a starter.

Luo said that currently, China’s healthcare industry primarily includes high-end health inspection facilities, speciality hospitals,  elderly care real estate, while in developed countries, the sector includes mature community health and health activities that provide company possibilities in pharmaceutical, medical-related dealing, healthy, organic food and health insurance.

The market value of China’s healthcare industry in 2018 was approximately 5 trillion yuan, according to the National Health Commission. Its contribution to the GDP of the nation is about 5%. The figure is more than 15% in advanced nations.

In July, China released the Healthy China Action Plan (2019-30), a comprehensive domestic action plan covering key healthcare fields, including infant and maternal health, mental health issues, elder health, healthy lifestyle advancement and education also health and safety.

In the sector, which will be a significant incentive for economic development, more high-end science and technology will be implemented,  Luo said. For example, in many surgeries, 3D printing has been used to solve certain medical problems, but its use is restricted to a tiny amount and very low compared to the demand.

In 2016, Peking University Third Hospital effectively implanted the world’s first artificial 3D printed spine on a new, regarded a milestone in the sector.

Liu Zhongjun, the hospital’s leader of the 3D printed artificial spine study team, said earlier that without this technology, patients can only say sorry.

Now, he said, the technology is helping more patients recover and lead a good life.

Shandong Provincial Hospital combined 3D printing and 5 G tech to live a kidney stone operation in June this year.

A 3D printed digital kidney was used by the doctor to find the highest puncture point and over 30 urology specialists from across the nation.