Healthcare Heroes, Maisa Lao and Shelby Magee Help a Choking Patient

By | August 30, 2019

Two externs in the department of emergency at the Community Regional Medical Center dove into immediate action for saving the life of a patient when she was choking on food. The two externs are being honored this week as the healthcare heroes.

Shelby Magee along with Maisa Lao is on the path to become registered nurses. On one of their typical shifts, they are responsible for taking the vitals stock pods of the patients, helping them with eating, and assisting them in any way that they can. In the month of July, these two women heard one of the patients in a room struggling to breath.

Maisa said that they were informed by the patient’s daughter that her mother was choking. They found her doing the universal hand gesture for choking. Both the nurses ran into action and Maisa explains that she literally jumped on the mother first by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Shelby continued to say that they took turns in doing so until finally receiving the thumbs-up signal and the patient was able to swallow and breathe normally. She said that this was her favorite part of working in the emergency department that in such critical moments when you need someone, and yet never have to question, knowing that you already have the support of your co-workers and mentors who are right there by your side. She explained that it was like team effort of everybody on board.

Shelby and Maisa have said that they are highly trained for providing basic life support and are continuing to learn even more from the medical staff in the department of emergency.