Government and Private sector need to join hands against cyberattacks

By | August 22, 2019

A joint public-private attempt has been called for protection against cyber attacks and preserve a secure and secure cyber space by the officials and professionals attending the Seventh Conference on Internet Security.

National security-threatening groups no longer rely on military weapons. Instead, they tend to target public and important infrastructure for inexpensive but harmful cyber attacks, placing many individuals at risk.

Acording to Li Aidong, Deputy Director-General of the Cybersecurity Coordination Office, the growth of cloud computing, large information, artificial intelligence and other fresh techniques continues to increase cyber attacks and cybercrimes amid strong rivalry in cyberspace.

He added in comments at the 2019 Internet Security Conference in Beijing on Monday that working together to preserve cybersecurity is urgently needed by all sides.

More input would be required to build an information infrastructure protection scheme, concentrate on stopping coordinated cyberattacks between nations, and gradually set up mechanisms such as a chief security officer and network evaluation, the official added.

There is also a need to boost the cybersecurity sector’s development, encourage businesses to develop state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies, lift regulatory and tax burdens that hurt innovation and businesses, cultivate more security talent, and deepen international cooperation on security technologies, talent, and standards, Li noted.

In terms of the amount of customers, China presently has the largest share of the worldwide web industry. A China Internet Network Information Center study said the nation has 829 million web customers, representing 59.6% of its inhabitants.

China needs to back up feedback on cybersecurity, said Yang Yuyan, assistant general manager at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s cybersecurity administration office.

The online threats are real and multifaceted in today’s changing environment. Cyberattacks and risks have become increasingly rampant, breaking the boundaries between the physical world and the virtual network said Yang.

He clarified that with internet threats on the horizon, the main protection is a coordinated reaction from govt, businesses, universities, and the remainder of society that will assist promote breakthroughs in important techniques and create a healthy industry ecosystem.”

Wu Hequan, a Chinese Academy of Engineering academic, said that in the era of 5 G communication fresh safety issues will emerge.