Cardinal Logistics increases driver proficiency and decreases costs after joining forces with Zebra Technologies

Cardinal Logistics
By | August 26, 2019

A one-of-its-kind innovator that manufactures and sells marking, tracking and computer printing technologies that helps its clients achieve a performance edge, Zebra Technologies Corporation, publicized today how a forerunner North America-based third-part logistics dealer, Cardinal Logistics, has chosen the company’s TC56 and TC57 series touch PCs to develop truck driver productivity, decrease prices, and improve proof of delivery for its clients.

Zebra Technology’s TC56 and TC57 series touch PCs are used by drivers at Cardinal Logistics in their trucks to maintain logs, proof of delivery, signatures after reception, photos, inspections and other facilities for its clients. This has allowed drivers to keep the clients informed regarding their placed orders and provide better quality customer service, transforming ‘information into intelligence.’

A Zebra Partner Connect Premier Solutions Provider, Supply Chain Services, contributed a great deal in the distribution of some 4,000 TC56 and TC57 touch PCs throughout the fleet of Cardinal Logistics. They helped out in staging, planning, and technical assistance while also aiding in the generation of a unified enterprise mobility plan. The distribution caused drivers at Cardinal Logistics to lessen downtime as they can now rapidly switch between trucks with just a single device.

The CIO at Cardinal Logistics, Clay Holmes, stated how Zebra Technologies TC56/TC57 series touch PCs were perfect for their fleet.

With Zebra’s touch series, Cardinal Logistics is provided with application flexibility, capable safety and user-friendly software updates thus raising the efficiency of its drivers. They have also successfully automating numerous procedures on the TC56 and TC57, which has helped the company decrease the training hours for new recruits who can now reach their expected levels of efficiency at a faster rate.