Bangladesh to build ships for UAE

By | October 15, 2019

DHAKA: at this time, Bangladeshi ships are being exported to around 12 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
“Made in Bangladesh ships have a large potential in India, Pakistan, Asian country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Federal Republic of Germany and a few African countries. Now, our focus is to possess additional orders from completely different international patrons and Bangladesh government is additionally formulating the policies for this export destined industries,” Dr. Abdullahel city, president of the Association of Export destined construction Industries of Bangladesh (AEOSIB) told Arab News
Bari, WHO is additionally the chairman of Ananda workplace, aforesaid that the country has over one hundred shipyards that manufacture completely different reasonably ships for the native and international markets. Of them, 12 giant shipyards have the capability to fulfill the demand of the international market. He aforesaid that Bangladesh can have a “golden period” within the next 5 years within the shipbuilding sector with each the govt. and personal sector investors keen on exploring new opportunities.“If everything goes in keeping with the setup, our export earnings from construction can exceed the benchmark of $1 billion annually among subsequent 5 years,” city aforesaid more that, as a Muslim nation, Bangladesh enjoys goodwill within the geographic region particularly in Asian countries and therefore the UAE.“To bag the opportunities within the Gulf countries, from currently forrader, we must always have additional active participation in several marine fares in Asian country and UAE,” Dr. Bari said.